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baal-gad in Easton's Bible Dictionary

lord of fortune, or troop of Baal, a Canaanite city in the valley of Lebanon at the foot of Hermon, hence called Baal-hermon (Judge. 3:3; 1 Chr. 5:23), near the source of the Jordan (Josh. 13:5; 11:17; 12:7). It was the most northern point to which Joshua's conquests extended. It probably derived its name from the worship of Baal. Its modern representative is Banias. Some have supposed it to be the same as Baalbec.

baal-gad in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

BA'AL-GAD (troop of Baal), the northern limit of Joshua's conquests, Temple of the Sun. (From Photographs.) Josh 11:17; Acts 12:7; Josh 13:5; probably the modern Banias (Caesarea-Philippi, Matt 16:13), though some suppose it to be the famous Baalbec.

baal-gad in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

("Baal, the fortune-bringer".) The planet Jupiter (Isaiah 65:11 margin); "Gad" is the Babylonian god of fortune, Bel. The Arabs called it the "greater good fortune"; and "Meni," the planet Venus, corresponds to "the lesser good fortune." The city (Joshua 11:17) bears the same name.