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sit'-ing (yashabh, "to sit down or still," daghar, "to brood," "hatch"; kathezomai, "to sit down," anakeimai, "to lie back," "recline"): The favorite position of the Orientals (Mal 3:3; Mt 9:9; 26:55 (compare Mt 5:1; Lk 4:20; 5:3); Mk 14:18; Lk 18:35; Jn 2:14, etc.).
"In Israel people sit at all kinds of work; the carpenter saws, planes, and hews with his hand-adze, sitting upon the ground or upon the plank he is planing. The washerwoman sits by the tub, and, in a word, no one stands where it is possible to sit. .... On the low shopcounters the turbaned salesmen squat in the midst of the gay wares" (LB, II, 144, 275; III, 72, 75).
(1) To sit with denotes intimate fellowship (Ps 1:1; 26:5; Lk 13:29; Rev 3:21); (2) to sit in the dust indicates poverty and contempt (Isa 47:1), in darkness, ignorance (Mt 4:16) and trouble (Mic 7:8); (3) to sit on thrones denotes authority, judgment, and glory (Mt 19:28).
M. O. Evans
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