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        (See USURY ). The merciful character of Moses’ law appears in the command not to keep the poor man’s outer garment, his covering by
        night as well as day, after sunset (Exodus 22:26,27; Deuteronomy 24:6,10-13,17; compare, however, Proverbs 22:27). The millstone,
        including all instruments necessary to life, and a widow’s garment, were forbidden to be taken. The creditor must not enter the debtor’s
        house to seize the pledge, but wait for the debtor to bring out an adequate security for payment. The debtor could be held as a bondman
        only until the seventh year, i.e. for six years, and not beyond the jubilee year, whatever his period of service might be (Exodus 21:2).
        Then he must be sent away with a liberal supply of provisions, the prospect of such a gift doubtless
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Fausset, Andrew Robert M.A., D.D., "Definition for 'loan' Fausset's Bible Dictionary". - Fausset's; 1878.

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