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Exodus 29:9 "And you shall gird them with sashes, Aaron and his sons, and bind caps on them, and they shall have the priesthood by a perpetual statute. So you shall ordain Aaron and his sons.

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Where in Scripture does it mention The priesthood of Aaron?

Where in Scripture are Aaron's Descendants considered to be ordained priests forever?

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Brief Summary: Particular orders are given in this chapter, I. Concerning the consecration of the priests, and the sanctification of the altar (v. 1-37). II. Concerning the daily sacrifice (v. 38-41). To which gracious promises are annexed that God would own and bless them in all their services (v. 42, etc.).

The sacrifice and ceremony for the consecration of the priests. (1-37)
The continual burnt-offerings, God's promise to dwell among Israel. (38-46)

Photo of the Sinai Wilderness
Photo of the Sinai Wilderness

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