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Exodus 16:36 (Now an omer is a tenth of an ephah.)

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Exodus 16 Images and Notes

Brief Summary: The Israelites murmur because they want bread, and they begin lusting for the flesh pots back in Egypt, the Lord creates bread from heaven from the dew called Manna, the Lord also sends them quail for meat, the Manna is provided for Israel every day, but not on the Sabbath day, the Manna continued for 40 years.

1 The Israelites come to the Wilderness of Sin
2 They murmur for want at bread
4 God promises them bread from heaven
11 Quails are sent
14 Manna is provided
16 Directions concerning the manna
25 No manna is found on the Sabbath
32 An omer of manna is preserved

Painting of Manna being gathered by the families of israel
Painting of the Israelites Gathering Manna

Important Topics for Bible Study
The children of Israel journey through the wilderness of sin
the children of Israel murmured against Moses
God promises to provide bread from heaven
Moses rebukes the people for murmuring
Moses tells the people to come before the Lord
God's glory appears in the cloud
God sends Quail for meat
God also sends bread from heaven
each family of Israel gathers enough for their own
Moses commands Israel about how to keep the bread
Israel disobeys Moses commands
Moses gives him a command about the Sabbath
Israel disobeys again
God becomes angry at their disobedience
Moses gives them wise counsel
Israel rests
the name of the bread is called manna
Aaron stored an omer of manna with the unbroken tablets of stone
the manna will continue for 40 years

Photo of a Quail
Photo of a Quail

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Map of the Route of the Exodus
Map of the Possible Route of the Exodus (Click to Enlarge)

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Ancient People
God, Moses, Aaron
the children of Israel
the LORD

the wilderness of Sin

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The Exodus of the Hebrews

Mount Horeb

The Red Sea

Map of the Red Sea
Map of the Red Sea and Egypt (Click to Enlarge)

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