or Calno (Genesis 10:10). One of Nimrod' s original seats meaning "the fort of the god Anu" (worshipped afterwards at Babylon) in the land of Shinar, i.e. Babylonia. proper, extending to the Persian gulf, now Niffer. The place where the tower of Babel was built, according to the Septuagint and Arab tradition, taken by Assyria in the eighth century B.C. (Amos 6:2). "Is not Calno as Carchemish?" i.e., it was no more able to withstand me than Carchemish. Isaiah 10:9 Isaiah 10:60 miles S.E.E. of Babylon, in the marshes on the left bank of the Euphrates, towards the Tigris. Elsewhere CANNEH (Ezekiel 27:23).