On the boundary of Asher (Joshua 19:27). Solomon gave to Hiram a district containing 20 cities, Cabal included. Not liking the district, Hiram said, "What, kind of cities are these?" and called the whole from the one city Cabul, which in Phoenician means displeasing (1 Kings 9:13). From 2 Chronicles 8:2 it seems that Hiram restored the 20 cities. The district was "Galilee of the Gentiles" (Isaiah 9:1), i.e. the N. part of Galilee, only in part occupied by Israel, more completely so after Hiram restored the cities. Tiglath Pileser carried the inhabitants captive to Assyria (2 Kings 15:29). The cities were occupied chiefly by Canaanite pagans (2 Samuel 24:7), and were in a bad condition. Gesenius explains Cabul "the pawned land." Solomon borrowed sixscore talents of gold from Hiram for his extensive buildings, and gave the 20 cities as an equivalent. But on Hiram expressing dissatisfaction with them, he took them back, and, doubtless in course of time, repaid the gold.