Hebrew kardom, "sharp"; large, for telling trees (Judges 9:48; Jeremiah 46:22); garzen, "cutting", as "hatchet" from "hack," securis from seco; barzel,"iron " garzen sometimes means the "adze." The head was fastened to the handle by thongs, and so was liable to slip off (Deuteronomy 19:5; 2 Kings 6:5). For "axe" in Isaiah 44:12 margin; Jeremiah 10:3, ma'atzad, others trans. a "knife" or "chisel," such as a carver of wood idols would use. But KJV is good sense and good Hebrew; the "axe" is meant as the instrument to cut down the tree in the forest. Mappeetz (Jeremiah 51:20), "battle axe," a heavy mace or maul, whence Charles Martel was designated. Kasshil occurs only once, Psalm 74:6, a large axe.