ASSES or ASSUS. Seaport of Mysia, on the N. of the gulf Adramyttium. Seven miles from the island Lesbos opposite, near Methymna; 20 miles from Troas (Acts 20:13-14). The ship with Luke, Sopater, Aristarchus, etc., from Troas, went round cape Lectum, while he went the shorter way (20 Roman miles) by land on foot to Asses, where he reached the ship in time for her to arrive that evening at Mitylene. It was a thoroughly Greek city. The remains are in good preservation, being of granite. The Citadel above the theater commands a fine view. The Street of Tombs (each formed of one granite block) leading to the great gate is a striking feature. The Assian stone, near the city, was thought to have flesh consuming properties, whence the stone coffins were called sarcophagi, "flesh consumers."