("wandering".) "The Arvadite" was a descendant of Canaan like Zidon, Hamath, etc. (Genesis 10:18; 1 Chronicles 1:16.) In Ezekiel 27:8; Ezekiel 27:11, "the men of Arvad" are among the mariners of the ship, namely, Tyre. Arvad is the isle Ruad, off Tortosa, two or three miles from the Phoenician coast, at the N. end of the bay above Tripoli. It is elevated and rocky, but hardly a mile round. Strabo mentions Arvad's likeness to Tyre, and the superior seamanship of its people. The inhabitants still, to the number of a thousand, are employed as pilots, shipbuilders, sponge divers, and sailors. There are remains of the sea walls, some of the stones 12 feet long by 10 high, not beveled, but indented with deep grooves on the upper surface, one groove square, three semicircular.