("ruins, places with the foundations laid bore".) (See ARNON.)

1. The city taken from Sihon, king of the Amorites, and assigned to Reuben (Deuteronomy 2:36; Joshua 13:9; Joshua 13:16). Afterward in Moab's possession (Jeremiah 48:19), though Aroer may there be regarded as only lying in Moab's way, when fleeing into the desert, and as asking the cause of Moab's flight. With Aroer is associated some "city that is in the midst of the river." Mr. Grove suggests that at the Arnon junction with the Lejum, one hour E. of Arair or Aroer, the hill with ruins on it may be the site of the city in question; no city could have stood in such a position immediately near Aroer.

2. Aroer facing Rabbbah of Ammon: "built," i.e. restored and enlarged, by Gad (Numbers 32:34; Judges 11:33); now perhaps Ayra. Isaiah 17:2 refers to this Aroer with its dependent "cities," then "forsaken" through Tiglath Pileser's having carried away the inhabitants (2 Kings 15:29).

3. A town in Judah (1 Samuel 30:28) to which David sent portions after his victory over the Amalekites at Ziklag. In the wady Ararah, 20 geographical miles S. of Hebron, on the road from Petra to Gaza.