(AIJALON or AJALON, "a place of gazelles" (Joshua 19:42; Joshua 21:24).

1. Originally of Dan; which tribe, however, could not dispossess the Amorites (Judges 1:35). Assigned to the Levite Kohathites, among the 48 Levitical cities (1 Chronicles 6:69). Fortified by Rehoboam of Judah, in his war with Israel, the northern kingdom, though sometimes, as being a border city, mentioned as in Ephraim (2 Chronicles 11:10; 2 Chronicles 28:18). Taken by the Philistines from the weak Ahaz (1 Chronicles 6:66; 1 Chronicles 6:69). Now Yalo, N. of the Jaffa road, 14 miles from Jerusalem, on the hill side, bounding on the S. the valley Merj-ibn-Omeir. Alluded to in the memorable apostrophe of Joshua, "Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon, and thou moon in the valley of Ajalon" (Joshua 10:12).

2. The burial place of the judge (Judges 12:12) Elon in Zebulun.