One of Esau's three wives. Daughter of Anah, or Beeri, a descendant of Seir the Horite. (See ANAH; BEERI.) Through her Esau's descendants the Edomites became occupants of mount Seir. Each of her three sons, Jeush. Jaalam, Korah, became head of a tribe. Her personal name was Judith (Genesis 26:34). Aholibamah was her married name, taken from the district, in the heights of Edom, near mount Hor and Petra; Aholibamah is therefore the name given her in the genealogical table of Edom (Genesis 36:2; Genesis 36:18; Genesis 36:25; Genesis 36:41; Genesis 36:43; the names here are of places, not persons; 1 Chronicles 1:52). Each of Esau's wives has a name. in the genealogy different from that it, the history.