"To kiss the hand with the mouth" in homage (Job 31:26-27. "If I beheld the sun when it shineth, or the moon, ... and my mouth hath kissed my hand".) The earliest idolatry, that of the sun, moon, and heavenly hosts (Hebrew tsaba), Sabeanism. Laying the hand on the mouth expresses deep reverence and submission (Job 40:4). So "kiss the Son," i.e. adore (Psalm 2:12). Portrayed in the sculptures of Persepolis and Thebes. Falling down and worshipping prostrate was the worship subsequently paid to Babylonian idols (Daniel 3:5-6). In the sense of divine worship, it is due to God only, and was rejected by angels and saints when offered to them (Luke 4:8; Acts 10:25-26; Revelation 19:10; Revelation 22:9).