1. The tenth judge of Israel (Judges 12:13; Judges 12:15), probably the same as Bedan, 1 Samuel 12:11; for the Phoenicians often omitted the 'Ayin (? ). Son of Hillel, of the tribe of Ephraim. He succeeded Elon, and judged Israel eight years. His rule was a peaceful one, since no oppression of Israel during his time is mentioned. The record that he had 40 sons and 30 nephews (or rather grandsons) who rode on young donkeys, implies their high dignity and consequence: compare Judges 5:9. He died in 1112 B.C. Of him Josephus (Ant. 5:7, 15) writes: "He alone is recorded to have been happy in his children; for the public affairs were so peaceable and secure that he had no occasion to perform glorious actions." A prophetical type of Israel's and the world's coming millennial blessedness (Isaiah 1:26-27). Pirathon, the city to which he belonged, is identified by Robinson with the modern Fer'ata, six miles W. of Shechem or Nablous (Bibl. Res., 3).

2. 1 Chronicles 8:30, akin to Saul's forefathers, 1 Chronicles 9:35-36

3. 1 Chronicles 8:23.

4. 2 Chronicles 34:20; called Achbor 2 Kings 22:12.