=Tahpanhes=Tehaphnehes, (called "Daphne" by the Greeks, now Tell
Defenneh), an ancient Egyptian city, on the Tanitic branch of
the Nile, about 16 miles from Pelusium. The Jews from Jerusalem
fled to this place after the death of Gedaliah (q.v.), and
settled there for a time (Jer. 2:16; 43:7; 44:1; 46:14). A
platform of brick-work, which there is every reason to believe
was the pavement at the entry of Pharaoh's palace, has been
discovered at this place. "Here," says the discoverer, Mr.
Petrie, "the ceremony described by Jeremiah [43:8-10;
"brick-kiln", i.e., pavement of brick] took place before the
chiefs of the fugitives assembled on the platform, and here
Nebuchadnezzar spread his royal pavilion" (R.V., "brickwork").