one who pretends to prognosticate future events. Baalam is so
called (Josh. 13:22; Heb. kosem, a "diviner," as rendered 1 Sam.
6:2; rendered "prudent," Isa. 3:2). In Isa. 2:6 and Micah 5:12
(Heb. yonenim, i.e., "diviners of the clouds") the word is used
of the Chaldean diviners who studied the clouds. In Dan. 2:27;
5:7 the word is the rendering of the Chaldee gazrin, i.e.,
"deciders" or "determiners", here applied to Chaldean
astrologers, "who, by casting nativities from the place of the
stars at one's birth, and by various arts of computing and
divining, foretold the fortunes and destinies of individuals.",
Gesenius, Lex. Heb. (See SORCERER T0003482.)