a fence; hedge, (1 Chr. 4:18; R.V., Soco)=So'choh (1 Kings 4:10;
R.V., Socoh), Sho'choh (1 Sam. 17:1; R.V., Socoh), Sho'co (2
Chr. 11:7; R.V., Soco), Sho'cho (2 Chr. 28:18; R.V., Soco), a
city in the plain or lowland of Judah, where the Philistines
encamped when they invaded Judah after their defeat at Michmash.
It lay on the northern side of the valley of Elah (Wady
es-Sunt). It has been identified with the modern Khurbet
Shuweikeh, about 14 miles south-west of Jerusalem. In this
campaign Goliath was slain, and the Philistines were completely