mountain. (1.) One of the mountains of the chain of Seir or
Edom, on the confines of Idumea (Num. 20:22-29; 33:37). It was
one of the stations of the Israelites in the wilderness (33:37),
which they reached in the circuitous route they were obliged to
take because the Edomites refused them a passage through their
territory. It was during the encampment here that Aaron died
(Num. 33:37-41). (See AARON T0000002.) The Israelites passed
this mountain several times in their wanderings. It bears the
modern name of Jebel Harun, and is the highest and most
conspicious of the whole range. It stands about midway between
the Dead Sea and the Elanitic gulf. It has two summits, in the
hallow between which it is supposed that Aaron died. Others,
however, suppose that this mountain is the modern Jebel Madurah,
on the opposite, i.e., the western, side of the Arabah.

(2.) One of the marks of the northern boundary of Israel
(Num. 34:7, 8). Nowhere else mentioned. Perhaps it is one of the
peaks of Lebanon.