(Heb. 'arnebeth) was prohibited as food according to the Mosaic
law (Lev. 11:6; Deut. 14:7), "because he cheweth the cud, but
divideth not the hoof." The habit of this animal is to grind its
teeth and move its jaw as if it actually chewed the cud. But,
like the cony (q.v.), it is not a ruminant with four stomachs,
but a rodent like the squirrel, rat, etc. Moses speaks of it
according to appearance. It is interdicted because, though
apparently chewing the cud, it did not divide the hoof.

There are two species in Syria, (1) the Lepus Syriacus or
Syrian hare, which is like the English hare; and (2) the Lepus
Sinaiticus, or hare of the desert. No rabbits are found in