The Hebrew word "kebir", rendered "pillow" in 1 Sam. 19:13, 16,
but in Revised Version marg. "quilt" or "network," probably
means some counterpane or veil intended to protect the head of
the sleeper. A different Hebrew word (meraashoth') is used for
"bolster" (1 Sam. 26:7, 11, 16). It is rightly rendered in
Revised Version "at his head." In Gen. 28:11, 18 the Authorized
Version renders it "for his pillows," and the Revised Version
"under his head." In Ezek. 13:18, 20 another Hebrew word
(kesathoth) is used, properly denoting "cushions" or "pillows,"
as so rendered both in the Authorized and the Revised Version.