The duty of preparing bread was usually, in ancient times,
committed to the females or the slaves of the family (Gen. 18:6;
Lev. 26:26; 1 Sam. 8:13); but at a later period we find a class
of public bakers mentioned (Hos. 7:4, 6; Jer. 37:21).

The bread was generally in the form of long or round cakes
(Ex. 29:23; 1 Sam. 2:36), of a thinness that rendered them
easily broken (Isa. 58:7; Matt. 14:19; 26:26; Acts 20:11).
Common ovens were generally used; at other times a jar was
half-filled with hot pebbles, and the dough was spread over
them. Hence we read of "cakes baken on the coals" (1 Kings
19:6), and "baken in the oven" (Lev. 2:4). (See BREAD