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        1. The son of Reuel the son of Esau. Ge 36:13,17; 1Ch 1:37 (B.C. about 1700.)
        2. The third son of Jesse, and brother of David. 1Sa 16:9; 17:13 Called also Shimea., Shimeah and Shimma.
        3. One of the three greatest of David's mighty men. 2Sa 23:11-17 (B.C. 1061.)
        4. The Harodite, one of David's mighties. 2Sa 23:25 He is called "SHAMMOTH the Harorite" in
        1Ch 11:27 and "SHAMHUTH the Izrahite" ibid.
        1Ch 27:8
        5. In the list of David's mighty men in 2Sa 23:32,33 we find "Jonathan, Shammah the Hararite;" while in the corresponding verse of 1Ch 11:34 it is Jonathan.

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