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        1. Ancestor of Shaphan the scribe. 2Ki 22:3
        2. The son of Zerubbabel. 1Ch 3:19
        3. A Gadite in the reign of Jotham king of Judah. 1Ch 5:13
        4. A Benjamite, of the sons of Elpaal. 1Ch 8:17
        5. A Benjamite, father of Sallu. 1Ch 9:7; Ne 11:7
        6. A Benjamite who lived at Jerusalem after the captivity. 1Ch 9:8
        7. The same as Shallum, who was high priest probably in the reign of Amon, and father of Hilkiah. 1Ch 9:11; Ne 11:11
        8. A priest, son of Meshillemith or Meshillemoth the son of Immer, and ancestor of Maasiai or Amashai. 1Ch 9:12 comp. Nehe 11:13
        9. A Kohathite or a family of Kohathite Levites, in the reign of Josiah. 2Ch 34:12
        10. One of the "heads" sent by Ezra to Iddo, "the head," to gather together the Levites to join the caravan about to return to Jerusalem. Ezr 8:16
        11. A chief man who assisted Ezra in abolishing the marriages which some of the people had contracted with foreign wives. Ezr 10:15
        12. One of the descendants of Bani, who had married a foreign wife and put her away. Ezr 10:29
        13. Ne 3:30; 6:18 The son of Berechiah, who assisted in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. Ne 3:4
        14. The son of Besodeiah: he assisted Jehoiada the son of Paseah in restoring the old gate of Jerusalem. Ne 3:6
        15. One of those who stood at the left hand of Ezra when he read the law to the people. Ne 8:4
        16. A priest or family of priests who sealed the covenant with Nehemiah. Ne 10:7
        17. One of the heads of the people who sealed the covenant with Nehemiah. Ne 10:20
        18. A priest in the days of Joiakim the son of Jeshua, and representative of the house of Ezra. Ne 12:13
        19. Also a priest at the same time as the preceding, and head of the priestly family of Ginnethon. Ne 12:16
        20. A family of porters, descendants of Meshullam, Ne 12:25 who is also called Meshelemiah, 1Ch 26:1 Shelemiah, 1Ch 26:14 and Shallum. Ne 7:45
        21. One of the princes of Judah at the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem. Ne 12:33

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