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        a nomadic tribe of uncertain origin, which occupied the peninsula of Sinai and the wilderness intervening between the southern hill-ranges of Israel and the border of Egypt. Nu 13:29; 1Sa 15:7; 27:8 Their wealth consisted in flocks and herds. Mention is made of a "town" 1Sa 15:5 but their towns could have been little more than stations or nomadic enclosures. The Amalekites first came in contact with the Israelites at Rephidim, but were signally defeated. Ex 17:8-16 In union with the Canaanites they again attacked the Israelites on the borders of Israel, and defeated them near Hormah. Nu 14:45 Saul undertook an expedition against them. 1Sa 14:48 Their power was thenceforth broken, and they degenerated into a horde of banditti. Their destruction was completed by David. 1Sa 30:1-17

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