Bible Names N-Z : Onesiphorus

Onesiphorus in Wikipedia Onesiphorus (name meaning "bringing profit"[1]) was a Christian referred to in the New Testament letter of Second Timothy (2 Tim 1:16-18 and 2 Tim 4:19 ). According to the letter, sent by St. Paul, Onesiphorus sought out Paul who was imprisoned at the time in Rome. The persecution of Christians during Neroís reign made Rome a dangerous city for Christians. Paul praises Onesiphorus for his hospitality, kindness, and courage[2][3]. Onesiphorus is contrasted with the other Christians in Asia who have deserted Paul at this time. Paul sends greeting to the manís household in Ephesus and makes reference to the help he showed Paul earlier in Ephesus. Timothy, who led the Ephesian church is apparently familiar with these acts[4]. Paul's praise of Onesiphorus is significant because it was written shortly before Paul's death as a final encouragement to Timothy[5]. Because Paul speaks of Onesiphorus only in the past tense, wishes present blessings upon his house (family), and mercy for him "in that day", some scholars believe that Onesiphorus had at this point died.[4]. If this view is correct, then we would have evidence of Paul saying a prayer for the dead. Towards the end of the same letter, in 2 Timothy 4:19 , Paul sends greetings to "Prisca and Aquila, and the house of Onesiphorus", again apparently distinguishing the situation of Onesiphorus from that of the still living Prisca and Aquila.