Bible Animals : Ferret

Gecko in Wikipedia Gecko. - Probable translation of the 'anqah of the Hebrews, generally rendered in our versions by shrew-mouse, for which it seems it should be substituted. The gecko, ptyodactylus gecko of the naturalists, is common in Israel.

Lizard in Wikipedia Lizard. - Immense is the number of these reptiles in Israel; no less than 44 species are found there, Among those mentioned in the Bible we may cite: (1) The Let'ah, general name of the lizard, applied especially to the common lizard, the green lizard, the blind worm, etc.; (2) the chmt, or sand lizard; (3) the b, or dbb of the Arabs (uromastix spinipes); (4) the kh, the divers kinds of monitor (psammosaurus scincus, hydrosaurus niloticus, etc.); (5) the 'anqah or gecko; (6) the semmth or stellio.