Old Testament Books (with Authors, Dates, and Subjects)

BookAuthor*Approx. DateSubject
The Pentateuch
GenesisMoses4004 BCBeginning of the Chosen Family
ExodusMoses1635 BCThe Covenant with the Chosen Nation
LeviticusMoses1490 BCMoral, Civil, and Ceremonial Laws
NumbersMoses1490 BCJourney to the Promised Land
DeuteronomyMoses1451 BCLaws of the Hebrew Nation
The Historical Books
JoshuaJoshua1451 BCThe Conquest of Canaan
JudgesSamuel1425 BCThe 15 Judges
RuthSamuel1322 BCDavid's Messianic Family Begins
1 SamuelNathan1171 BCThe Hebrew Monarchy
2 SamuelNathan1171 BCThe Reign of King David
1 KingsJeremiah1015 BCThe Divided Kingdom
2 KingsJeremiah1015 BCHistory of the Divided Kingdom
1 ChroniclesEzra1056 BCThe Reign of King David
2 ChroniclesEzra1056 BCHistory of the Southern Kingdom
EzraEzra536 BCThe Return from Captivity
NehemiahNehemiah446 BCThe Rebuilding of Jerusalem
EstherMordecai521 BCThe Jews In Exile
The Poetical Books
JobUnknown1520 BCProvidence and Suffering
PsalmsDavid1056 BCDevotion to God
ProverbsSolomon1000 BCWisdom in Life
EcclesiastesSolomon977 BCHappiness in Life
Song of SongsSolomon1014 BCThe Glories of Marriage and Love
The Greater Prophets
IsaiahIsaiah760 BCThe Messianic Kingdom
JeremiahJeremiah629 BCThe Doom of Judah
LamentationsJeremiah588 BCA Dirge Over the Loss of Jerusalem
EzekielEzekiel595 BCThe Final Restoration of Israel
DanielDaniel607 BCThe Triumph of the Messiah
The Minor Prophets
HoseaHosea785 BCThe Apostasy of Israel
JoelJoel800 BCThe Kingdom of Judah
AmosAmos787 BCThe Kingdom of David
ObadiahObadiah587 BCThe Destruction of Edom
JonahJonah862 BCThe Mercy on Nineveh
MicahMicah750 BCBethlehem's King
NahumNahum713 BCThe Destruction of Assyria
HabakkukHabakkuk626 BCThe Judgement of the Babylonians
ZephaniahZephaniah630 BCThe Day of the Lord
HaggaiHaggai520 BCRebuilding of the Temple
ZechariahZechariah520 BCChrist's 1st and 2nd Coming
MalachiMalachi397 BCFinal Message to Rebellious Israel

* Mentioned by Name or Traditionally Accepted