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Bible Art

Welcome to the Bible History Art Home Page. Visual aids to help in your Bible teaching.

Creating Hi-Res images for the study of the Bible is fun and interesting.


Bible Story Art

Abraham, Father of Nations

Abraham's Three Visitors

Abraham's Family Leaving Ur

Jacob Disguises Himself as Esau

Jacob Blesses Judah

Moses and the Ten Commandments

Applying the Blood for Passover  

The Ancient Tabernacle and Furniture

Captive Jews in Babylon

Jerusalem's Walls Nehemiah

The Magi See His Star

Shepherds See the Light

Shepherds See the Angel

The Magi See Jesus

Simeon and Anna See Jesus

Jesus Calls James and John

Jesus Meets Nicodemus

The Leper is Healed

Jesus Taken Down from the Cross

Early Portrait of Paul


Ancient Peoples

Ancient Assyrian Face

Ancient Assyrian Chariot

Ancient Assyrian King and Queen

Ancient Assyrian Spearman

Ancient Babylonian Warrior

Ancient Egyptian Archer

Ancient Egyptian Princes in Chariot

Ancient Egyptian War Chariot

Ancient Greek Soldiers

Ancient Ishmaelite


Ancient Customs

Bowing in the Near East

Inn (Interior) Middle Eastern

Dining Couches in the Near East

Man Carrying Wineskins

Oven Middle Eastern

Ox Cart Middle Eastern

Threshing Floor Middle Eastern

Washing Hands Middle Eastern

Rolling Up Bed Middle Eastern

Torches Middle Eastern

First Century Common House

First Century Wealthy House

Ancient Alabaster Bottles

Blind Beggars on the Road

Levite Blowing Trumpet

Sitting in Sackcloth

Ancient Rabbi

Ancient Scribe

Ancient  Sacrifice

Teaching Disciples

Ancient Bakers Oven

Royal Bed Middle Eastern

Prisoner Bound Between Soldiers

Pharisee with Phylacteries

Ancient Writing

Salutation Middle Eastern

Ancient Trumpets

The Ancient Potter

Ancient Rabbi with Torah


The Ziggurat at Ur


Ancient World Art

Alexander the Great and Bucephalus

Alexander the Great and the Siege of Tyre

Ancient Greek Furniture and Styles

Ancient Greek Sacrifice

Ancient Greek Theater

Ancient Greek Hairstyles

Greek Gods on Mount Olympus

Ancient Inner Prison

Ancient Archaeological Tablet

Famous Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greek Ladies with Attendant

Statue of Aristotle

Bust of Homer

Ancient Athenian Orator

Ancient Greek Ruins

Ancient Altars

Ancient Library of Alexandria

Ancient Greek Warriors with Attendant

Chariot Races in Trajan's Circus

Ancient Roman Eagle Standard

Ancient Egyptian Ark with Winged Creatures

Ancient War Elephant

Ancient Gauls (Horsemen)

Ancient Gladiator Helmet

Ancient Roman Sword

Ancient Roman Soldiers

Ancient Roman Warship

Greek Roman Alabastar Jars

Ancient Greek Theater

The Storm

Ancient Greek Warrior

Peter and Paul from the Catacombs

Ancient Roman Armor from Herod's Time

Ancient Roman Consul

Ancient Roman Ruins

Ancient Roman Gladiators

Ancient Roman Infantry Soldiers

North Wall of Jerusalem

Ancient Roman Wearing a Toga

Ancient Roman Philosophers

Ancient Roman Soldier


Ancient Architecture

Ancient Temple of Diana

Goddess on Keystone of Arch of Titus

Titus Flying to Heaven

Ancient Column Capital

The Ancient Parthenon

Ancient Roman Forum Reconstruction

The Ziggurat at Ur


3D Art

3D Ancient Globe

3D Gem with Carved Hebrew Letters

3D Pyramid

3D Fountain with Roman Soldier

3D Parting of the Red Sea



Bethlehem 19th Century

Nazareth 19th Century

Jerusalem Southern View 19th Century

The Mount of Olives 19th Century

Sidon 19th Century

Valley of Jehoshaphat 19th Century

Ancient Jerusalem Time of Jesus

Ancient Jerusalem Time of David

Ancient Jerusalem Titus Siege

The Jordan River

En-Gedi Wilderness

Pool of Siloam

Ancient Roman Milestone

Maps of the Ancient Roman World

Ancient Maps and Globes


Other Art

Some Fancy Drop Caps

Animated Logo   


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